greenspace brands identity

Thesis project to design an identity for client Greenspace Brands – a holding company for five green healthy lifestyle brands. The inspiration for the logo is a cornucopia as it is associated with thanksgiving and symbolic of abundance and plenty and therefore I see it as a way to represent the brand’s offering – to provide an abundance of green lifestyle values. The company wanted to project a modern look yet express a return to traditional farming practices, so I reduced the goats horn shape down to three circles making it an abstraction. The points at which each circle intersects creates a leaf shape which I made green. This shape also makes a Venn diagram and the leaves represent the common denominator between the various brands – they all provide green lifestyle choices. I continued the linking theme in the word mark linking the p in greenspace with the d in brands. I have also continued a clean and modern layout and style throughout the identity.



Greenspace Cards-digital











contact-page-mockup    greenspace-iphone-mockup